One of the most exciting trends for homeowners across the country is the use of green technology. While every area of your home can benefit from the use of green tech, perhaps the most beneficial use of green technology is in your HVAC system.

In recent years, there have been several exciting developments in green HVAC technology, and if you’re interested in improving the energy efficiency of your home, it’s important that you learn about these new technologies. Read about some of the best new technology in the HVAC field and find out how a plumbing contractor can help install this tech in your home.

Energy Analysis

Homeowners who are new to green living may be unaware of the level of energy inefficiency in their home. If you’re interested in using new HVAC technology in your home, then one of your best options is choosing energy analysis software. With energy analysis software, you can identify the inefficient areas of your home and work to improve these areas so that you can better live the green lifestyle.

The great thing about smart home technology for AC units is that it can be incorporated to your thermostat that so you can access information on your home’s HVAC efficiency. If you’re interested in making your home greener, you should be sure to consult Scottsdale AC technicians about the best way to use this technology in your home.

Quiet Duct Wrap

Many homeowners don’t realize that low energy efficiency usually stems from a problem with their home’s ductwork. Leaks in the ductwork in your home can result in a loss of airflow and a drop in your overall efficiency level, which is why one of the best pieces of home HVAC technology you should know about is Quiet Duct Wrap by The Green Products Company.

Made from landfill recovered denim, Quiet Duct Wrap is produced to be as green as possible. In addition, Quiet Duct Wrap can be used to line the ductwork in your home to seal any existing leaks and to improve your home’s level of efficiency. Installing Quiet Duct Wrap in your home is a great way to use green technology.

Thermally Driven

The majority of HVAC systems are powered by electricity, which is what allows them to be so efficient. However, if you’re interested in maximizing the efficiency of your home and using exciting new green technology, you should consider installing a thermally driven HVAC system. Instead of electricity, thermally driven HVAC systems run on a combination of gas and solar power.

In addition to costing a lot less than traditional HVAC systems, thermally driven systems are much more environmentally friendly, which is an important component of using green technology in your home. Also, since thermally driven systems use two power sources, thermally driven systems are base load capable.

If you’re interested in using any of these excellent pieces of HVAC technology in your home, contact Scottsdale HVAC technicians. An experienced HVAC technician will be able to tell you which pieces of green technology are right for your home and can help you plan an installation.


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