How old is your heating and cooling system?

If someone asked you about your age, you might feel a bit uncomfortable answering. But talking about the age of your HVAC system shouldn’t make you squirm.

The truth is, knowing the age of your system helps determine whether you should be planning for repairs or budgeting for a replacement.

On average, homeowners get between 10-15 of service from their HVAC system. Right around ten years, you’ll want to start researching new HVAC system costs.

In today’s article, we’re discussing a well-known HVAC product: Lennox.

Is Lennox a good HVAC system? Over the following few paragraphs, we’ll share our thoughts.

Take a minute and explore this popular heating and cooling system brand so that you can decide whether it’s one you should consider for your home.

What Is an HVAC System?

When talking about home maintenance, one of the most common terms thrown around by both contractors and homeowners is HVAC.

It’s a popular acronym, but what is an HVAC system.

We know that you know the basics and can hold your own in a conversation about heating and cooling.

But living in a world of acronyms often means explaining what each component in an abbreviation means. If that’s your situation, let’s take a second and clear a few things up.

H – Heating

V – Ventilation

A – Air

C – Conditioning

An HVAC unit heats and cools the air in your home. The letter V stands for ventilation, which allows moisture to escape your home.

HVAC systems include the furnace, ductwork, and usually but not always, an air conditioning unit.

Perhaps in most Northern states, you can find systems without AC units, but it’s not common here in Phoenix.

In some parts of the country, HVAC systems include a heat pump. Once you get serious about shopping for your new system, you’ll notice many homeowners here in the Phoenix area choose to have a heat pump.

So, realizing there are several differences about living in Phoenix, let’s talk for a minute about what’s essential when buying a new HVAC system in this part of the country.

What Phoenix Homeowners Look for When Buying HVAC Systems

While you may know someone here who uses a furnace and AC unit for heating and cooling, you likely know more homeowners whose HVAC systems use a heat pump.

Heat pumps are usually the choice for homes in the Phoenix area.

Utilizing heat pumps to keep a home at a comfortable temperature regardless of the season isn’t a new concept. Heat pumps are standard in areas where residents experience temperature climates.

Newly built homes in this area typically have a heat pump, while older homes tend to have a more traditional HVAC setup.

Though rare in Arizona, some homeowners use boilers instead of either a furnace or heat pump unless you live in an antique house.

Lennox carries individual components and packaged units regardless of which setup you choose.

What Sets Lennox Apart from Other Brands?

Many homeowners and HVAC contractors prefer Lennox heating and cooling systems. Here are a few reasons for the preference:

Lennox stands on its reputation for manufacturing systems known for efficiency and well-balanced climate control.

If you live in an area where the days are hot but the nights get a bit chilly, you’ll appreciate both factors when you buy a Lennox system.

Currently, Lennox offers the most efficient split system you can find. It’s their Signature Series Lennox XC25. This system comes with a SEER rating of 26.

If you’re not as well-versed in SEER ratings as you’d like to be, in the next section, you’ll get a quick overview.

It’s something you’ll want to have in your pocket when you research HVAC systems.

The Significance of SEER

And we have another acronym! SEER is a rating created by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute back in 2008. SEER stands for:

S – Seasonal

E – Energy

E – Efficiency

R – Ratio

When designing air conditioners, manufacturers use a formula to rate AC units. They divide the cooling output during summer by the energy used during summer.

To assign an accurate SEER rating, HVAC manufacturers put their systems up against a range of outdoor temperatures as low as 60 degrees and up to 100 plus.

As far as indoor temperatures go for the simulation, they measure using a constant temperature.

The U.S. Department of Energy enforces SEER requirements. In 2023, new standards will go into effect. Residential systems in the Southwest must have a minimum 14 SEER rating.

This is where Lennox shines.

This company already meets minimum SEER requirements for the Southwest. Their Merit series has a 14 SEER. The Signature collection offers up to 26 SEER.

Is Lennox a Good HVAC System for Chilly Nights?

While it’s rare to get freezing temperatures here in Phoenix, we average 14 days where the temperature drops below 41 degrees.

Unless you’ve moved here from a frigid part of the country, you’ll want some extra warmth indoors for those chilly nights.

Whether you choose a traditional furnace or one of the popular heat pumps manufactured by Lennox, you’ll enjoy precision and efficiency.

Lennox is all about innovation, and it shows in their heat pumps.

For example, the Dave Lennox Signature Collection includes a heat pump with an HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) of 10.20. HSPF is the key heating efficiency rating for heat pumps.

Most Lennox heat pumps and furnaces qualify as ENERGY STAR products.

What Does a New HVAC System Cost?

When you replace your HVAC system, you’re making a significant investment in your home. While prices vary widely depending on square footage, geographical location, whether you’re installing ductwork, and the quality and capacity of the system you choose, HVAC system costs can run between $3,250 – $12,586+.

Your local Lennox dealer will help you plan your installation to ensure you purchase the best model for your home based on all of the above.

Whatever Lennox system you select, you’ll be investing in one of the best HVAC systems you can buy.

Ready to Purchase Your New HVAC System?

We hope our quick guide to Lennox HVAC systems helped answer at least a few of the questions you’ve asked recently.

Is Lennox a good HVAC system?

We sure think so! It’s one of the systems we carry here at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling.

We don’t offer HVAC systems that we can’t stand behind, so if you buy a Lennox, you’re getting our seal of approval.

If you’re ready to install a new system, contact our team and request an estimate. We also service all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

Reach out today, and let’s talk about heating and cooling.


Are you looking for a Lennox dealer near me? The team at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling is a certified Lennox Dealer that has been serving the valley for over 75 years! Call 480-945-7200 or request service online! ….*Yes, We DO offer Financing Options.

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