One of the most important factors of keeping your AC system up and running at peak efficiency is the ability to anticipate maintenance issues. The more “on top” of your system you are, the better it will function. This means you won’t have to worry about the system breaking down or your utility bills soaring as a result of an improperly functioning system. Learn the advantages of having an HVAC contractor stop by to perform AC coil cleaning in Arcadia

Improved Air Flow Through Your System

Your HVAC cooling coils are a vital part of your system. Cleaning air conditioning coils will help to make sure that the air flow in your system is smooth and at its highest pressure and efficiency. The better the air flow is in your space, the cleaner the air will be and the less wear and tear you’ll have on your system. Airflow is everything when it comes to HVAC systems, and you want to anticipate necessary maintenance to make sure that it’s always at its best.

Reduce or Eliminate System Freeze-Up

When your system isn’t properly maintained, it can freeze up. When you take the time to look over your system, do you notice condensation on the coils? Is there actual ice coating them? If so, you need to contact an AC coil cleaning company in Arcadia to have the problem addressed. AC unit freezing can be an indication of much larger problems that, if left alone, can result in your whole system breaking down. If you catch it early enough, however, your HVAC technician may be able to address the issue before expensive repairs are required.

Increase Efficiency and Lower Utility Bills

Keeping your AC coils clean can have two immediate, connected and measurable effects on your system: it can increase AC unit efficiency and reduce energy bills! When your AC coils and system are properly maintained, the system works to a much higher degree of efficiency. It uses less energy to produce the same amount of cooling. This, in turn, means that it’s consuming less electricity and thus costing you less to run every month!

What You Can Do

It’s important to anticipate the maintenance needs of your system. Adjusting your thermostat by a degree or two can save you lots of money, and you won’t even notice the difference. Keeping your filters fresh by changing them every month can lower wear and tear and keep your system clean. Finally, as always, calling a qualified AC service company in Arcadia to have your system cleaned and checked out every year is vital.


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