Air Conditioning Company Fountain HillsIt shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that finding a qualified and dependable contractor to complete HVAC repairs can be an extremely time consuming process. And since there are several air conditioning companies in Fountain Hills, it’s becoming more difficult to know how to separate the ‘average providers’ from those that deliver exceptional service across the board.

What To Look For When Picking A Great Air Conditioning Company In Fountain Hills

First – Make Sure They Carry the Appropriate Licenses and Certifications

Most AC repair companies that service the Fountain Hills community are very reliable. However, a key component to determining if an air conditioning company operates above and beyond is their credibility. And this often begins with the certifications, licenses and permits they hold. Some of the important certifications that any HVAC company should have include:

  • Registered with the State of Arizona BBB
  • Members of the State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors
  • Members of the Electric League of Arizona
  • Being certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) standard

When an HVAC company takes the proactive measures to work with the best organizations that help them provide complete HVAC services, you can count on them to produce quality results.

Second – Check Their Online Presence

Another important attribute that customers in Fountain Hills should consider is how much effort a business places on online marketing. This doesn’t mean that you should always hire the company that spams you often, nor does it mean that you should pick the first Google ad you see in the search results. What this means is take into consideration the quality of their online presence. For example:

  • Review their website. Is it clean? Easy to navigate? Provide you with factual information that you can use?
  • Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Are they active with their social media pages? Do they engage their customers and followers? And do they answer public questions about their service quickly and promptly?
  • Do they have a solid blog network that provides useful information that isn’t to sales pitchy?

In short, the effort that a company puts on their ‘public image’ is a sign of their desire to produce quality results across the board.

Third – Verify their Service Record with Pervious Customers

Finally, when you’re looking to hire the best air conditioning company go directly to the horse’s mouth; get feedback from their customers posted as customer reviews. There are two primary places to get factual information directly from previous customers of any HVAC company:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

If a company operates under suspicious business practices, many customers will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. However, when a company is really good about working with the public, the BBB will often highlight them as a certified BBB provider. is another great online source to get consumer direct reviews about any air conditioning company that services the Fountain Hills community.

Regardless of where you get the info, always take the time to complete as much research as possible before hiring any air conditioning company in Fountain Hills.

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