Home Appliance Tips for Your Scottsdale Home

One of the joys of home ownership is the corresponding work that must be put into the home in order to keep it looking great and functioning properly. Part of this work is by proving household appliance care to some key major appliances that the home and its occupants use on a daily basis. However, if this type of basic household appliance care is not completed, you could risk spending thousands of dollars on unwanted or needed replacement of these important daily-used major appliances.

Here are a few simple tips for keeping some of the most important major appliances in tip-top shape.

Tip #1 – Clean your oven on a monthly basis

One of the most expensive daily used appliances in your home is the kitchen oven. And contrary to what many people believe, if you don’t deep clean your oven on a monthly basis, you could risk having the oven become coated with harmful debris; causing the oven to have to work harder to cook your food and eventually leading to the oven breaking prematurely.

Here are three easy ways of accomplishing this easy monthly oven cleaning process:

1)    Set your oven up for an automatic clean on a sunny day. Most of today’s modern ovens come equipped with an automatic cleaning feature that will burn excess debris and elements that have been embedded in the oven over a period of time. However, the side-effect to this oven clean is that there tends to be a distinguished smell of smoke in your kitchen. The way to remedy this is to clean your oven on a sunny and clear day during the week, where you can open up windows and keep your home properly circulated with fresh air.

2)    Clean the inside of the oven windows. The second thing you can do to keep your oven functioning property is to clean the inside of the oven window as well each month. The window tends to become embedded with debris and soot from cooking food, and can impact your ovens ability to operate smooth and efficiently.

3)    Clean your oven tops each week. The final step to maintaining household appliance care for your oven is to clean your oven tops each week. If you have electric heaters, glass top or gas, the process is unique, so check with your manufacture to see what the best method of cleaning oven tops is for your particular unit.

Tip #2  – Inspect your HVAC Systems bi-annually

In addition to your oven, the Heating and Air conditioning units need constant inspection. The best way to accomplish this is to set up a bi-annual inspection of each unit. Part of this inspection should include:

  • Replacing filters; both inside each HVAC unit as well as vents in your duct work
  • Inspecting the HVAC units for loose belts, bolts or other mechanical issues
  • Cleaning your ductwork on an annual basis
  • Making sure the HVAC units are functioning at proper levels

By following these two simple steps for household appliance care, you will be able to keep your expensive appliances working in tip-top shape for years to come. For more tips on improving your home environment, read this helpful article that explains 2 simple tips you can take to improve the indoor air quality of your Scottsdale home.

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