As you know, there are many quality air conditioners on the market. If you’ve been following us, you know that we’ve already covered several reputable brands.

Today, however, we want to hone in on one brand in particular: Lennox. More specifically, we want to share some of the reviews for Lennox products that might make choosing a Lennox air conditioner a bit easier for you.

Having said this, stick around for this brief summary of some of the top reviews.


The durability of an air conditioner is one of its most important features. This is especially true if you live in Arizona and are being constantly battered by the heat.

Luckily, several reviewers have it on record that Lennox air conditioners are more than durable. One reviewer, for example, claims to own a Lennox product that is more than thirty years old, which is impressive.

Needless to say, though, that thirty-year-old system isn’t the norm. While the systems are durable, you shouldn’t expect to get half of your lifetime out of them. Fifteen years sounds more reasonable.

You should also note that Lennox’s parts are rare (and high-quality). This means that replacing them is difficult, so any damage that these parts incur will reduce the lifespan of the unit.


Whether you get fifteen or thirty years out of a Lennox air conditioner, you’ll be sure that you paid a fair price. Reviewers tend to report that they believe they got their money’s worth out of their air conditioning units.

Some people, for instance, claim to have paid about seven to ten grand to have their units installed. If you assume that these units lasted fifteen years, then these buyers paid less than a thousand dollars per year for their air conditioners.

Not only that, but Consumer Reports determined that making a repair to a Lennox product costs about 236 dollars on average. This isn’t too bad if your unit doesn’t malfunction often.


As a couple of years ago, Lennox products come with a warranty of at least five years. This is the default warranty buyers are provided with if they don’t register their products. Buyers who register their products are given a ten-year warranty.

All things considered, the ten-year warranty is nice. It should easily cover any installation problems you have early on.

Properly Installing A Lennox Air Conditioner

While Lennox systems are durable and decently priced, one of the biggest complaints reviewers had was about the installation process. Note that their problems weren’t with the system itself, but with the actual process.

According to some reviewers, bad installations negatively affected their experiences with Lennox systems. The lifespans of their systems were greatly reduced after they were improperly installed.

As a result, getting someone who knows how to properly install a Lennox air conditioner should be high on your list. You want to get your money’s worth out of any product you’re spending money on.

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