guardian air phiLiving in the desert comes with multiple hurdles to navigate. Whether it’s the extreme heat in summer, the dangerous Haboobs that pop up out of nowhere in August or the frequent dust and dirt we find indoors, there are many items that contribute to creating headaches of living here. However, how often do we factor in our health? The fact is that indoor air quality in the desert is a huge issue. And since many people move to Arizona for health reasons, it stands to reason that finding affordable ways of improving indoor air quality simply makes sense. This is where the Guardian Air PHI technology can significantly help.

What is PHI Technology?

Guardian Air is the pioneers of PHI technology or the Photohydroionization® (PHI) process. Essentially, this purification system is designed to eliminate air pollutants that lead to common respiratory illness flair ups and discomfort by using an advanced oxidation process to attach to harmful particles and eliminate them. The system is installed directly to the home or commercial building HVAC system; meaning that anytime the unit is in operation – both heating and cooling system; the system is working to help improve indoor air quality anywhere the air vents travel. The PHI cells are the key to how this system works.

Basically, the cells work by combining water and air to release PHI particles into the air inside the home. Unlike UV light rays, which only destroy microorganisms, PHI particles can also destroy gases, vapors and odors – without releasing harmful levels of ozone into the air. The combination of O3, UV light and the PHI catalyst creates an advanced oxidation reaction. It’s this patent pending reaction that will target airborne cells at the source and eliminate them. The replacement cells are easily installed when they wear out – making this system extremely efficient and a great way to improve overall indoor air quality.

Why Use PHI Technology to Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

If you could find a way to ensure that 99 percent of all harmful bacteria, particles, pollutants and chemicals were removed from the air inside your home – you’d take that effort to improve your right to breathe – correct? This is precisely what PHI technology cells accomplish through the Guardian Air System. The best benefit that this indoor air quality system provides is that it spreads clean air anywhere inside the home. Most air quality devices only work in each room and have limited range. However, the reality is that you don’t just live inside one room at your home or your commercial office space.

How Effective is the Guardian Air PHI System?

We’ve documented how well this system works to provide clean indoor air – but what are the ancillary facts to support this data? Here are some facts. The Guardian Air cell not only removes 99 percent of allergens, bacteria and harmful particles that can lead to allergy and asthma attacks, but it can also remove many odors and gases that most indoor air quality devices simply can’t accomplish. In fact, many micro-organisms that attack to food and spread harmful diseases like E-coli can be eliminated – up to 90 percent without leaving heavy doses of ozone in the air. This system leaves a room smelling fresh – like the air after a thunderstorm and can improve the sanitation and cleanliness of the air you breathe in every room inside your home. This allows the act of breathing easier for people with chronic respiratory illness and disease.


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