Homeowners rely on their air conditioners for comfort throughout the year, and when your air conditioner runs into a problem, it can be very concerning. In order to ensure that their air conditioners stay up and running, many Arizona homeowners consider scheduling service appointments with an experienced professional.

However, if you’ve never scheduled for your air conditioner in the past, you might not know how often your air conditioner needs maintenance. Read to find out how often do air conditioners need servicing and find out some of the signs that your AC unit needs attention from a professional.

Annual Inspection

Periodically, all of your home’s major systems will need regular service, and this includes your air conditioner. In fact, much like cars, it’s likely that the owner’s manual for your air conditioner has provided a recommended service schedule. The general rule is that you need to schedule an AC tune-up at least one time a year.

Scheduling an annual inspection is the best way to make sure that your air conditioner works well into the future. During your inspection, your AC professional will examine every area of your system, including your AC unit and your ductwork. They will check to make sure your system is functioning as it should and will address any problems that they find along the way. An annual inspection will give you peace of mind and will help prevent future AC problems.

Seasonal Changes

Another factor to consider when you’re scheduling an AC checkup is the time of year. Certain seasons can be harder than others on your air conditioner, which means a great time to schedule an air conditioner make-up check is before a seasonal change.

Fortunately, in Arizona, our seasons are relatively mild. This means that you will only need to schedule a seasonal AC check just before summer and ahead of winter. The summer maintenance check will make sure that your unit is prepared for increased usage during the summer months and the winter check will ensure that your air conditioner is ready for a few months of dormancy.

Both of these checks are vital to the long-term health of your air conditioning unit, so be sure to schedule them with a trusted HVAC maintenance company.

Weather Events

Perhaps the most important time to get your air conditioner serviced by a maintenance professional is after an extreme weather event. For example, you may need multiple checks of your AC unit during Arizona’s monsoon season. A monsoon can cause your air conditioner to become waterlogged, and may entirely prevent it from functioning.

It can also be a good idea to request a service check after a hail storm. While large hail stones are generally only a risk to the housing of your unit, larger stones may infiltrate the unit and cause serious damage. Call an HVAC professional after a major weather event to make sure that your air conditioning system runs the way you need and deserve.

When you’re ready to schedule air conditioning services in Carefree, it’s vital that you work with a trusted air conditioning company. High-quality air conditioning professionals can service your system and make sure that it runs well into the future.


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