If you’ve been having problems with your air conditioner, there are several possible causes of the problem. However, while you might not realize it, one of the biggest reasons for reduced air conditioner performance is dirty coils. The interior of your air conditioner needs to be regularly cleaned to work properly, and every cleaning should include your coils.

For homeowners that are inexperienced with air conditioner cleaning, it’s a good idea to learn more about this maintenance task and why it’s so important. Discover when you need to clean air conditioner coils and learn why this task is best handled by an AC professional.

What are Air Conditioner Coils?

One of the best ways to understand why your air conditioner coils need to be cleaned is to learn more about these crucial parts. Inside your air conditioner, there are two types of coils, the evaporator coil, and the condenser coil. Each coil is vital to the functioning of your air conditioner. The evaporator coil captures the warm air inside your home and transmits it to the condenser coil which releases the warm air outside.

Working together, these coils are able to effectively control the temperature in your home.

The Importance of Cleaning

Like every part of your air conditioner, your coils will be exposed to a great deal of dirt and debris. This is largely due to the exterior of your coils often possessing condensation, making it much easier for dirt to accumulate. When your coils become too dirty, it can reduce their functioning to a large degree.

There are several problems that can be caused by dirty coils. For instance, dirty evaporator and condenser coils can cause less heat transfer, higher energy consumption, added wear on your system, and ice accumulation on your coils. Cleaning your coils regularly is crucial if you want to prevent these serious issues and avoid the risk of coil repair or replacement. Regular cleaning saves you a great deal of money and stress.

How Often Should You Clean?

Now that you know more about the coils in your air conditioner and why cleaning them is so important, you might be wondering how often they need to be cleaned.

The frequency that you need to clean your air conditioner coils will largely depend on the needs of your individual unit. Some air-conditional coils are very vulnerable to dirt accumulation, meaning they will need to be cleaned at least once a month to ensure proper functioning. For most air conditioners, you will only need to schedule cleaning every three months or so.

While it’s possible to clean your coils yourself, it’s usually a better idea to hire an AC coil cleaning service in Scottsdale. The reason it’s better to hire a professional coil cleaner is very simple: they understand how to correctly clean your coils without causing damage. If you attempt to clean your coils and are not sure how to complete your task effectively, you may cause damage inside your air conditioner, costing yourself a great deal of money.

Trusting a professional cleaner means having your coils cleaned correctly as well as preserving the functionality of your air conditioning system.


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