If you live in an older home, then it’s possible that you have an older, inefficient air conditioning system. To make sure that your family has the comfort level that they deserve, you should consider adding central air conditioning to your old house. However, installing a central air system in an older home can be stressful if you’re not prepared for the process and are worried about damage to your home.

Before you schedule a central air install in your home, it’s important to learn about the steps necessary for an older home. Discover the steps for adding central air to an old house and find out how you can avoid common central air installation mistakes.

Get Necessary Permits

A factor that many people don’t consider when installing air conditioning in an older home is the need for building permits. Because construction will likely be needed for your central air system, it’s likely that your city or municipality will require you to apply for a permit before installing an AC unit.

Before scheduling your install, you should check the rules for your city and find out if you are required to have a permit.

Picking Your Location

Your most important task in installing central air conditioning in your old home is picking the right installation location. If your air conditioner isn’t installed in the right location, you won’t be able to effectively cool your home. The best way to choose the location for your unit installation is to work with an installation professional. An experienced AC technician can help you pick a location that will give you the most benefits.

Installing Ductwork

The most difficult task in adding central air to an old home is installing ducts. This means opening up the walls in your home and several hours of labor. Depending on the size of your home, installing your ductwork and resealing your walls may take several weeks. Make sure you’re prepared before starting this step.

Sealing Ductwork

Once your ductwork has been installed, it’s vital that your make sure that your ducts are completely sealed. Unsealed ducts can reduce airflow within your air conditioning system, which will cause your unit to work harder and less efficiently. Your installation professional will be able to make sure that your ducts are sealed properly and that airflow will be unrestricted.

Install Your Air Conditioner

After your installation professional has sealed your ductwork, they will install your actual air conditioning unit. If necessary, a concrete slab will be installed so that your unit is level. When your unit is properly placed, it will then be hooked up to your ductwork and connected to your home’s electrical system.

Test Your System

The final step of installing central air conditioning in your older home will be to test your system. Make sure that your air conditioning technician tests your HVAC system before they leave your home. Turn on your unit and let it run for a few minutes. Check to see that air is flowing from your system and that the temperature in your home is being properly adjusted.

If you want to make installing central air in your home as easy and stress-free as possible, you need to work with a central AC installation company in Arcadia. The right installation company can guide you through the installation process so that you are as comfortable as possible.


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